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Jazz Up Traditional Dishes for Holiday Dinners and Perhaps Create New Traditions

Chances are, by the time most of you read this it will be post-Thanksgiving and the holidays will be in full-throttle.

Gluten-Free Kahlua-laced Pumpkin Pie

Kahlua-laced, Gluten-Free Pumpkin Pie

But here is how I’m going to jazz up the traditional dishes at Thanksgiving this year and these ideas might prove useful for other dinners you are hosting throughout the holidays.

You never know….that new dish may be a winner! For example, many years ago I served a rice/fruit/whipped cream salad and everyone liked it so much that it is now a tradition at all holiday gatherings.

This year, I’m a guest for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, but I’m going to prepare my own turkey (because I want the leftovers) and I want to try some new recipes on Friday for a small group of (mostly) willing house guests.  (Not all of them have adventure-some palates.)

Here’s how it will go down: You already know that I like to brine my turkey but this time I will use a brining recipe from the Food Network Show, Pioneer Woman.

For the stuffing, I will make my own gluten-free cornbread for  Southwestern-style Stuffing, compliments of a recipe by the Canned Food Alliance. It contains green chiles, roasted red peppers, corn….but then, living in the Southwest as I do it’s natural that I love this type of food.

Rather than the traditional Pumpkin Pie, this year’s dessert will be a Kahlua-laced Pumpkin Pie. I know the recipe uses sweet potato but some of the mostly willing guests draw the line at  sweet potatoes. So I will use the same amount of pumpkin instead of sweet potatoes, with my own gluten-free pie crust.  By the way, I use canned coconut milk rather than evaporated milk and reduce the amount to 3/4 cup for a stiffer texture.

Whether these dishes become a new tradition at our house remains to be seen. Stay tuned….and Happy Holidays!

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