Carol's latest book, Gluten-Free Cooking for Two, is now available. Designed for small households, each perfectly-proportioned recipe serves two people. You will eliminate unwanted leftovers and reduce waste when you cook right-size meals with the 125 recipes in this book. Enjoy!! Celebrate with me!!! Gluten-Free Cooking for Two has won two awards: named one of ten "Best Gluten-Free Cooking Books in 2017" by and won a Silver Medal in the 2017 Living Now Book Awards in the "Natural, Nutrition, Organic, Vegetarian" category.
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GfreeCuisine.Com Offers Gluten-Free Menu Planning & Grocery Lists

“What’s for dinner?”

When the authors of RelishRelish started their online menu planning service, they wanted to help busy families make that decision, so RelishRelish began.

Gluten-Free Shrimp Tostadas offers Shrimp Tostadas

What they didn’t anticipate was many, many requests for a gluten-free version. So, they set up a sister site called GfreeCuisine —just like RelishRelish, but gluten/dairy-free. That’s where I entered the picture, making sure your choices are gluten-free.*

Today’s busy families are pressed for time, but time is an even bigger issue for gluten-free families who must prepare much of their own food at home for safety reasons. Our computer-based service helps gluten-free families decide dinner menus for the coming week and then receive customized grocery lists designed just for them—saving precious time and money because you know exactly what you need to buy.

In May, GfreeCuisine was re-launched with a whole new look, full-color photos, and features that make menu-planning even quicker and easier. Take a look at to see what I mean.


Of course, computerized menu-planning isn’t for everybody. If you prefer the tactile sensation of holding a cookbook in your hand, thumbing through pages, and hand-writing personal notes in the margins to create your own culinary diary (e.g., “bake 5 minutes longer”…”hubbie preferred this one”…”add more sugar”… “kids loved it”), then a weekly e-cookbook probably isn’t your thing.

But if you are comfortable with computers and appreciate the ease and efficiency of e-books, then a weekly e-cookbook is right for you. Our audience is computer-savvy families who like to have someone plan menus for them and like to shop with organized grocery lists which can be printed out or emailed to a mobile phone—one of our most attractive, time-saving features.

Here’s how works

Each Thursday, 15 new menus (with side-dishes) are e-mailed to subscribers, who pay $21 for 3 months (averaging $7 per month). They choose 5 of the menus for the coming week and print out a customized grocery list—based on their menu choices—organized by sections of the grocery store to save time and make shopping more efficient. It also saves money because you buy only what is needed for the coming week. You can add your own pantry items to the list, as well.

All dishes are gluten-free and dairy-free and several are also designated as kid-friendly and vegetarian. Subscribers always have access to additional recipes for a wide array of desserts and breads —two foods that we miss the most. Plus, we design party menus to help you celebrate special occasions such as Mother’s Day or July 4th.

To sum it up, subscribing to GfreeCuisine is like getting a mini-e-cookbook delivered each week for pennies per recipe. Your family’s favorite GfreeCuisine recipes can always be included in any future week’s menu, so personal choices are always possible to satisfy your cravings.


I agree with Michael Pollan, author of Cooked

that we need to cook more of our own food because there are several advantages to preparing one’s own food at home, particularly to gluten-intolerant families who worry about safety, nutrition, and cost.

First, food preparation at home assures complete control over the ingredients that go into the food, such as choosing gluten-free versions of soy sauce and chicken broth. We tell you which gluten-free brands we use in testing and developing these recipes, but you can choose your own gluten-free brands, too. Just be sure to always read those labels!

Second, cooks who prepare food at home have complete control over the standards under which it is prepared?including cleanliness and safety. Cross-contamination is always a concern in restaurants, but you are in control by not using the same knife to spread peanut butter or sharing a toaster.

Third, food prepared at home is cheaper than take-out food or restaurant dining and usually has fewer calories and less sodium and fat. Each GfreeCuisine recipe offers nutrient content—including protein, fat, and carbohydrates, plus Weight Watchers info—so families know what’s in their food.


Check it out for yourself. We offer 3-month subscriptions for $7 a month (pennies per recipe), and even cheaper rates for longer subscriptions. It makes a great gift, too.

*Full Disclosure: I am paid by GfreeCuisine to make sure your recipes are indeed gluten-free. Just wanted you to know!